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HOPE DEFEATED '2010 Demo' 7" EQ03

In January of 2010, five friends who had grown up in and around the Calgary hardcore scene realised that they were feeling let down by the monotomy of "adult life". The anger they had felt growing up still burned bright, brought on by the daily frustrations of careers, families and domestic bullshit. They needed a release, and Hope Defeated was formed. A few months later the band hit the studio to deliver a message to themselves and the outside world.

The '2010 Demo' 7" contains four songs that bring together the best elements of mid 90s and early 00s hardcore. These guys have lived through both eras and come out fighting with a fresh sound that is difficult to pigeonhole. Throw the vocal rage of Striking Distance & 108 over the chugging groove of bands like Snapcase & Burn, mix in a strong straight edge influence, and wave goodbye to your dreams that everything is going to be ok.


  1. One In The Same
  2. Fail Safe
  3. The Mark
  4. Kill The Guilt

Pressing Information

15 Black vinyl Test Press
60 Red vinyl in alternate sleeve (Blog Nerd pressing)
05 'Not quite white' vinyl
95 White vinyl
150 Black vinyl